Metal Gear Rising Available For PSN, PS3-Exclusive DLC Announced


Playstation 3 players yearning to buy Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance without leaving their couch will be happy to know the game is now available to download off the Playstation Network. For those of you who already finished slicing and dicing every living and inanimate object in the game will also be pleased to hear Konami is offering 30 new VR missions for PS3 users for absolutely nothing. . . for a while anyway. Available free on March 12th and ending on April 3rd, the PS3-exclusive DLC will feature the classic VR look from the original Metal Gear Solid game and will offer more challenges that pushes Raiden’s (and the player’s) skills as a cyborg ninja.

Other planned DLCs for Metal Gear Rising will allow players to take the role of Desperado’s Samuel Rodrigues and Raiden’s faithful mechanical hound, LQ-84i. According to the game’s writer, Etsu Tamari, these DLCs will act as prequels that explain Sam’s motivation for joining Desperado and reveals LQ-84i’s mission with the lovely Mistral before encountering Raiden. No word yet if the second and third DLC pack will be a PS3 exclusive as well.

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