Playstation 4 And Fighting Games: How It Should Work

With some preliminary information about Sony’s new console, it’s time to make the next-gen work for fighting games.

After Sony’s conference, a lot of gamers are now arguing on the forums over if it was worth the wait. Without games and their applications, we can never know if the new console is a must buy. If it turns out good, hopefully, the Playstation 4 can help fighting games grow into a larger, better genre.


Announce at least one game for E3

The genre has a lot of fans, casual and hardcore alike. Sometimes, E3 doesn’t leave anything to even speculate. Throw a bone from Capcom, Sega, or even SNK.

Easy online setup

Online gaming is important, even if it’s secondary to side-by-side local play. Allowing gamers to join in a large group with near limitless custom settings would be of great help to those running online tournaments. All games should have speculating options, frame data, replay saves, etc.

Upload all sorts of data

Imagine how great it would be to get a tutorial from one of the more advanced players. Don’t know how to zone well? Ask them and get on the fly responses.

Don’t force the touch screen part of the controller

Unfair gimmicks like having a Sonic Boom at a touch ruined the 3DS version of Street Fighter 4. If there is going to be a gimmick, give them a huge disadvantage and make them optional.

Taking control

Can’t perform that combo? No worries. Switch and let a friend jump in and show you what to do.

All or nothing

Latency is a big deal, as a slight spike in lag can be the unfair end of a match. If Sony’s new system wants to go only online, it better be perfect or they should just go physical.

Price check on isle 13

Speaking of online only, prices for all games need to be reduced. With the “end” of piracy and the battle of used games “done” (we’ll see), bad DLC practices used to cover the lost cost should not continue to exist.

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