Capcom’s Fighting Game Poll: Who You Should Vote For

Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t get mad. Just listen. 

Until March 1st, Capcom wants to see what characters their fans are pining for in the Street Fighter series. The data will be used for future titles (read: Street Fighter 5) so the voting counts. And it needs to be done right.

Pick carefully.

Pick carefully.

Characters from the original games will probably be in.

Street Fighter III was lauded for the lack of the original cast members, including the Four Divas Bison, Vega, Balrog, and Sagat. Ryu and Ken will always be in, as well as Zangief and Blanka. Capcom won’t drop those classics, only revisit them.

That being said…

III’s characters might need a bit of help.

Dudley, Yun, Yang, Oro, those guys won’t have a problem. Nerco and Q will have issues. Those scraggy characters don’t have a chance, so give them assistance.

Alpha forever.

The prequel series has tons of great characters that have carried on to Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter x Tekken. Gen, Sakura, Rose, everyone expect Birdie, but who cares about Birdie? Three people, including himself, that’s who.

The additions.

Cody and Guy came from Final Fight, as well as Poison. Capcom has put in a lot of effort making them work as 2D fighters, so it’s doubtful they’ll drop them in the next game.

Dead man walking.

Charlie is dead, but that means squat for these types of games. Story is in the backseat. Gen is on a lifeline, but so what?

Give us a silly reason like he’s a cyborg and keep him on the cast.

So all that is left are the lesser loved fighters that haven’t seen the sun in years. SF1 guys are getting shafted, but for what? Retsu sounds like a fun dude, why not have him in? And what about one-timers like Maki?

I’m not saying avoid listing your favorites. I did just click on Adon’s checkbox. But make sure you remember the underdogs.


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