Vstylez Mini-Interview: Days Of Anarchy

Straight up merking music.

The OST for Anarchy Reigns is an amazing mix of different artists who utilize  the characters and events of the game to create the appropriate music. We’ve interviewed Vstylez, creator of Blacker Baron’s Days Of Old. Take a listen below.

It’s suggested by me that you play that on loop while reading.

How did you get into writing music for video games?

I’m a artist out of Detroit. I sent my record with Mr.Cheeks from the Lost Boyz to Joint One Radio in Japan around 2006, and they loved the record. I built a relationship with some great dudes like my man Shuzz and DJ Joey Slick, who have always supported me from jump. Shuzz turned me on to Platinum Games and the rest is history.

Was it difficult to focus on more of a formulated type of music, where you had to explain the characters through the lyrics?

Honestly, it was like studying for a part in a movie, as weird as that sounds [laughs]. It wasn’t too difficult, but I still took my time with the project. I had to follow the script that Platinum Games had forwarded to me. The tracks were different than what I’m used to, but hey, I found my zone and went for it and they loved them.

I did MDK’s first and then they asked me to do Days Of Old.

Your music has gotten quite popular with the fighting game community. Some, including myself, have gone so far as to put Days Of Old on repeat. How did you deal with influx?

I’m humbled by this question! Wow. I’m still grounded, I feel blessed to have music on a video game. I’m a gamer myself so to hear my music on the tracks is a dream come true. I’ve scratched one off my bucket list, and I answer all my fans on Twitter or Facebook. It’s still pretty crazy, but I’m still me, nothing will change that [laughs]!

 Will you continue to produce music for Platinum Games or other companies?
I’m hoping to do more of this type work. It’s a whole different lane that most artists don’t think about. But, yes, if PG wants more they know how to find me. The guys there are real cool. Shout out to JP Kellams too, and I’m open to working with other companies as well. 

Vstylez has an EP coming out soon, starring the legend Bumpy Knuckles. Look out for Masterpiece Theater, his debut album arriving shortly. Follow Vstylez on his Twitter  and Facebook

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