It’s Ninja Time: Mark Of The Ninja And Ninja Gaiden Sigma Deals

mark of the ninjaPC gamers, if you haven’t experienced the sweet satisfaction of executing one-hit kills from the shadows in the Mark of the Ninja, then here’s your chance to join in on the sadistic fun. Microsoft has bundled the stealth-focus sidecroller in their 5-Game Arcade/Indie Pack for only $9.99. Sans the critically acclaimed game by Shank developer, Klei Entertainment, the pack also includes Deadlight, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Iron Brigade, and Toy Soldiers. If you prefer to buy Mark of the Ninja separately, Amazon is currently offering the title for $3.75

ninja gaiden sigma

For Playstation Plus members, Team Ninja’s enhanced Ninja Gaiden Black port, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, is free to download for the rest of January. Essentially a remake of a remake, Sigma features improved graphics, customization, combat-based missions, and new weapons and spells. In addition to this, the lovely and well-endowed Rachel is playable for five levels in the game. The PS Vita version takes full advantage of the system’s motion and touchpad controls, while offering an easier difficulty dubbed “Hero” mode and new accessories for Ryu and Rachel to wear. Non-Plus members can purchase the PS3 version for under $20 and the PS Vita version for $29.99.

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