Anarchy Reigns Review

Grievous errors and bacon.

Fighting games live on through local multiplayer. Long after online servers are shut down, players continue to duke it out on the couch. It’s one of the most important elements of a fighter, and is a necessity.

Oh boy here we go again.

Oh boy here we go again.

That’s why this Sega published, Platinum developed game is so puzzling. Did the company want the title to fail before it even came out? Was it not enough that they pushed the US and Europe release six months forward?

Apparently not. While Anarchy Reigns provides some chaotic fun, it doesn’t have a way for players to fight outside of the online arena.

+ The presentation is alright. Nothing super fancy, but it fits. Menus are easily navigable, and setting up the training mode is a breeze.

+ AR has not only a training mode, but a tutorial. The latter doesn’t go into depth, but at least provides some insight to newbies. The former has all the pickings of a normal fighting game, like setting CPU levels and their actions.

+ Characters are well detailed and mostly original. Only two clones exist, and they aren’t too close together.

+  Blacker Baron is the best. His dialogue is hilarious and fun, while the rest of the cast comes real close. Since this title is an alternate universe to the Mardworld game, expect a lot of changes.

-    The environments are pretty janky.

+ Let’s move on to the fighting system. It’s a typical free-roaming fighter, almost rock-paper-sicossor sort of deal. It’s balanced because everyone is unbalanced, and somehow that works.

+ Every cast member plays differently. Button combos are slightly similar, but what comes out from the mashing is totally different. Baron will pull off some quick jabs while Onkie juggles, and so on.


Stages are rocked with random happenings, like carpet bombs and mutated lizardmen.

+ There’s some strategy involved too. Say someone executes a Rampage, which makes them invincible and an upgrade to speed and power. To counter, you can either use your 360 move to get away, save up your Rampage, etc.

+ Bayonetta is in this game! Yes!

- Infinites! Only good in the 1v1 Cage Match, since having a team will allow the other team to have a free hit. Still frustrating to deal with.

+ What isn’t frustrating is the amount of ways you can avoid much of the spam. I’ll be covering it later, but don’t fret if you see yourself getting smacked around a lot.

+ Along with the Cage Match, there’s Deathmatch, Tag Team Deathmatch, Survival (where you fight CPU mooks instead of real people), the sports-flavored Deathball, and a lot more. 16 in all.

- Shame nobody is playing half of the modes, no matter how much fun they may be. That could be due to..

- Sega’s lack of advertisement/pushing it back to an unreasonable area.

+ It’s 30 bucks, though!

+ Best OST in a long time.

+ The story mode is enjoyable enough that you can run through it a few times. It’s the best way to unlock characters, too.

- No pausing cutscenes!? What is this, 2003?!

+ When the netcode works, the game is amazing. I played with NeoGaf members PXG, Captain_Spankey, papasumrf1038, and Esura. Our matches were enjoyable, and I obtained a top spot not by kills, but by attacking a bunch of times.

+ The point system makes things pretty fair. If you are an active attacker, you might win it for your team, depending on how many points the other side got.

- When the netcode is ass, it truly makes for some unhappy and unfair times.

Anarchy Reigns isn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s a great beat-em’up. But not having local mulitplayer is one of the biggest crimes Sega could commit.

Until it’s fixed, the anarchy is going to die down and become a slight rabble.

Thanks to all the NeoGaf members who helped me out! You guys are the best! 

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