2013 Is Looking Kinda Bleak For Fighting Games

What’s coming? Honestly, not much. 

Source: http://cdn.dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/anarchy_reigns_garuda-2.jpg

Garuda is mad that he won’t get another SF game this year.

The past few years have been fantastic for fighting game fans. The revival of the Versus series, Street Fighter’s comeback, King Of Fighter’s bout with quality, and many more titles have added to an already robust genre. But 2013 doesn’t have many surprises in store.

Anarchy Reigns could be a decent bombshell for those in the dark. Sega’s free-running brawler was slated for a release in July, then pushed back to January 8th of next year, despite the fact that the localization was complete. For a whopping 30 bucks, with the addition of the DLC for free, the company’s transgression is forgivable.

Those who missed out on the bounciest combat since Tekken Ball can pick up the Vita version, aptly named Dead Or Alive 5: Plus. Arriving sometime in March, the game will carry a balance patch (also available for the console version on the same day), in-game frame-data display, and  touchscreen moves. Oh, and it comes with a first-person view, if you came for something other than the fighting.

Injustice is a rough, darker side of DC Comics, featuring a system similar to Marvel instead of Mortal Kombat. Characters like Cyborg, Solomon Grundy, and Green Arrow have been announced, alongside old favorites like Batman and Superman. Only time will tell if Zoom will be included.

Capcom might be testing the waters of this generation with Darkstalkers Resurrection. It’s an HD update of Night Warriors and Darkstalkers Revenge, with a boost in visuals, online play, replay and spectator options, unlockable artwork, and color selects. If you want a sequel, here’s your chance to show it.

Where in the hell is Tekken x Street Fighter? Now that Namco Bandai is mostly done with Tekken Tag 2, it’s probably in the works for the next-gen systems, or not on the way for another two years.

Either way, the wait is painful. Don’t fret too much, as developers are starting to release their games a few months after an announcement trailers. Who wants another Marvel game?

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